In addition, one should not forget about the important role in the genesis of basalioma of prolonged exposure to the skin of sunlight. This reason is leading in 91% of cases of basalioma.

Most often, solar exposure can lead to the development of skin lesions of the neck, face and head. Among the entire solar spectrum, the most dangerous for the skin in terms of oncology are B-spectrum radiation. Most often, basalioma develops in older people. In addition, its possible presence will be indicated by data from the anamnesis of rosuvastatin pills: answering questions, patients will talk about the impact on them of strong solar radiation or exposure to ionizing radiation. In addition to nodules, a dense, raised plaque or a rounded spot can also become the primary element of a basalioma. The entire morphology of these elements corresponds to its form of basalioma and differs in its localization. With a significant lesion of the basalioma tissue, there will be significant pain and discomfort. Also, an important symptomatology will be a certain characteristic localization: most often on the hands, under the hairline on the head, on the wing of the nose, temple, in the corners of the eyes.

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Basically, basalioma has a slow development and growth - some of crestor pills can be on the skin for years and extremely slowly and gradually infiltrate the surrounding tissues. The stages of development of basalioma are determined according to the same scoring system as in other oncological processes. This system is called TNM and consists of three main principles for assessing tumor staging: by tumor size (T). By the defeat of the nearest and distant lymph nodes (N) and by the presence / absence of signs of the appearance of metastases (M).

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  • According to the size of the tumor lesion (T), the following types of its course are distinguished:
  • Stage Tx - this stage of the basalioma of the process is set when there is no data on the true size of the lesion or it is not possible to obtain them.
  • But here it must be said that the absence of visualization of the tumor does not always indicate the complete absence of the oncological process in the body. Therefore, it is customary to say that this stage is set not just in the absence of a tumor lesion, but in the absence of a primary tumor.


  • Stage To - is established when the tumor is not detected during diagnostic studies.
  • Tis stage - here the basalioma is not yetinfiltrates surrounding tissues. This process is called pre-invasive.
  • Stage T1 - this stage is assigned when the approximate size of crestor area is less than 2 cm.

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Given the presence or absence of changes in the lymph nodes (N), the basalioma passes through the following stages of the course: stage Nx, stage No and stage N1. The Nx stage is similar to that for the size of the tumor: it is also set in the same way if it is impossible to obtain accurate data on the state of the lymphatic system. Stage No is established when the regional lymph nodes are not yet affected by the tumor process that is already beginning to spread throughout the body. Stage N1 is placed immediately, as soon as even the slightest tumor changes are found in the lymph nodes. The classification of the staging of basalioma according to the manifestation of metastases is not used, since this oncological pathology does not tend to metastasize.

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It is also possible to group these stages into the clinical stages of basalioma.

In stage 1, in the same way, the lymph nodes will remain completely intact, and the size of the basalioma itself will increase, perhaps there will already be slight signs of its penetration into other tissues. In the 2nd stage, the size of the basalioma will increase to 5 cm, without enlargement of the lymph nodes. Actually, the lymph nodes can possibly be affected only at the 3rd stage of the process, accompanied by a significant lesion of other tissue structures by the basalioma. It is customary to talk about stage 4 when the possible presence of distant metastatic processes is added to the described manifestations in stage 3.

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In addition to stages and degrees of flow, basalioma is divided into a certain number of crestor pills subspecies or forms. These forms are subdivided according to their clinical manifestations and histological structure. It is customary to distinguish nodular basalioma, superficial basalioma and scleroderma-like basalioma.

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At stage O, one can find a basalioma in its initial manifestation, without tissue infiltration and without any lesions of the lymph nodes.

The most common form of basalioma is, of course, its nodular form. It is characterized by the appearance on the skin of small pinkish nodules, which can be grouped into a tumor formation up to 2 cm in size. Superficial basalioma is a rounded spot of the same pinkish color with delimited edges. The scleroderma-like form is the most aggressive. During its development, dense patches form on the skin. Hence the name of this form of basalioma, in connection with similar changes in an autoimmune disease - scleroderma.

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